Wooden Towel Racks For Bathrooms

For the longest time wooden towel racks for bathrooms have been the hottest selling towel rack on the market and that is still the way things are. The reason why many homeowners like wooden towel racks is because of the way they look. Being that most bathrooms have a wooden base cabinet under the sink the wooden towel rack will match perfect with this. Not to mention that these are also less of a hassle when it comes to cleaning. If you think about it, many silver or aluminum bathroom towel bars require constant cleaning in order to remove water spots but wood towel racks don’t need this kind of treatment.

Understanding The Different Types Of Wooden Racks

Swing Arm Towel RackSwing Arm Towel Rack

The swing arm towel rack is something that many people find rather unique and that is why they buy it. One thing you will notice is that when the rack is not being used you can position it flat against the wall so that it doesn’t get in your way at any time when using the bathroom. This is why a lot of homeowners like these and you might like them just as well.

Freestanding Wooden Towel Rack

Do you like the look of a freestanding towel rack? Many people like the ways these look and that is why they get them. A freestanding wooden towel rack is not for everybody since they will take up a good amount of space, but the only way to figure out if one will work for you or not is to buy one and set it up in your bathroom.

Wall Mounted Towel Rack

One of the most popular types of towel racks on the market is a wall mounted towel rack. The reason these are some of the most popular towel racks on the market is because homeowners like the fact that these are out of the way, yet still readily available for when you need them. One of the features that many wall mounted racks have is they come equipped with a shelf. This is very useful for smaller bathrooms that don’t have a lot of cabinet space as they can’t easily fit more cabinets in a small amount of space without it looking crowded.

Wooden Towel RackThese are the three most popular types of wooden towel racks for bathrooms but there are some more out there. Another rack that you can get is actually in the form of a shelf with a small towel bar on the bottom of it. These are great for bathrooms with very limited space, however, if you have cabinets and shelf space already, then you might not need one of these.

It is important that you decide which wooden towel rack will work best for you. Don’t make the mistake of buying one towel rack and then figuring out later on that it just won’t work. Something that you might find beneficial is to look on sites like Amazon and Overstock to see what they offer because the overall price might be the deciding factor in which wooden towel bar for your bathroom you decide to buy.

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